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Go Where The People Are

I often see small businesses lost in the big wide world of Marketing while trying to figure out which step to take first or next. There are times when businesses tend to lock into a standard formula or pattern of … Continue reading


Keep Your Ears To The Ground

It is important to tune into your environment. Do you know what is happening in your local community or on the nation scale that may potentially impact your business? Do you keep abreast? Do you attend or plug into town … Continue reading


Can You Change Your View On Changing?

Why is change viewed as a dreaded 6 letter word to some people while others embrace it? There is something so safe about the state of familiar even if what we are accustomed to is boring, unhealthy and unfulfilling. Nature … Continue reading


What Does Customer/Client Acquisition Mean?

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Customer/Client Acquisition is the process of researching, engaging and acquiring new customers/clients for your products and or services. Customer/Client Acquisition is crucial to the the sustainability and longevity of your organization. One key to a successful business is understanding that … Continue reading