Keep Your Ears To The Ground

It is important to tune into your environment. Do you know what is happening in your local community or on the nation scale that may potentially impact your business? Do you keep abreast? Do you attend or plug into town or city hall meetings? Are you clear on who your industry leaders are and about what topics they are discussing?

Are there new developments occurring in your neighborhood that will bring fresh customers or clients to your area or may even be driving them away? What trends are occurring in the marketplace that you can prepare to take advantage of?

Remember having keen awareness in your specialized area puts you in a power position. I have found that small businesses can find new customers or clients when they keep their ears to the ground. They have the edge in leading the way and gaining revenues first while their competition is asleep at the wheel.

This is a great quote: “Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened” Anonymous

You have to zone in and get creative about how you can draw in new customers and clients based on the information you ultimately gather, however you will miss the boat totally if you completely zone out.

I would suggest you take action on the questions above so you can be one of the companies that make things happen by keeping your ears to the ground and finding new customers and clients!


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