What Does Customer/Client Acquisition Mean?

Customer/Client Acquisition is the process of researching, engaging and acquiring new customers/clients for your products and or services.

Customer/Client Acquisition is crucial to the the sustainability and longevity of your organization. One key to a successful business is understanding that your pipeline is your lifeline. The following information outlines 3 major components to acquiring new consumers for your business.

 Identification of the following: Your target audience (gender, age, income, geographic location, cultures/subcultures), your competitors and market conditions (current trends, anticipation of future trends/needs, status of the economy etc…) The second component of Research is to examine the drivers that move your target audience from an observer to a consumer, in other words “Why do they buy?” Once you have psychographic and demographic profiles, you can then determine correlations between purchasing motivators and buying patterns in order to create opportunities to engage consumers. Research also helps toward making sure you have a potential delivery system that meets the demands of your target audience.

 Interact with consumer online/offline to listen to their needs and respond with helpful information which will aid/guide them with a purchasing decision. In this phase you must tune into their favorite radio station “WII FM” or “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?” It is essential to emphasize their benefits of working with or selecting you. Consumers are motivated to buy when they perceive your product/service as alleviating pain or for creating gain/reward. Engaging the customer/client also entails clearly communicating their value to your company and your appreciation for their consideration in an ocean full of options. Your target audience must know why they matter. Engaging your target audience also provides additional insight to solidify the delivery system to meet the demands of your target audience.

Once engagement has been executed effectively, acquisition is the next critical component. Your delivery system should be clearly defined. You want to be known as easy to do business with. Your objective should be a headache free, convenient and memorable purchasing experience worthy of recommendation. The golden moment is when financial consideration is exchanged and you have acquired or gained a new customer/client. Your new consumer/client should be move forward to the retention stage immediately.

We will address the art of customer/client retention in a future article.

Mrs. Marketing Maven aka Michelle Phipps-Allen
Business Buddy Inc.


2 responses to “What Does Customer/Client Acquisition Mean?

  1. Thank you for sharing this information! My husband recently started a new job and has been talking about client acquisition a lot but I have had no idea what he meant! I would just nod my head and go along with it but never understood. Now I have a better idea and will actually be able to join the conversation. Thanks again!

    • Hello Mrs. James,

      I appreciate your comment and I am glad I could help. Congratulations on your husband’s new job. I have had to nod my head and just follow along before so I know the feeling. Enjoy your future conversations!

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